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The Words from the Participants Who Attended the GI Conference

Sándor Kürti (President of KÜRT Information Security and Data Recovery Co.)
Testimonials for the 7th trip

Thank you so much for your warm hospitality at the time of our trip in China.
There were absolutly on top organized the hotels, restaurants, forums and seminars.
I really enjoy so much every seconds to being in your nice enviroment.

Warmest regards

Rafael Molano (Partner of Woodside Capital Partners LLC)
Testimonials for the 7th trip

Thank you for all your help during the outsourcing conference in Wuhan, Beijing and Shanghai. As always, you were very helpful and courteous with all the activities. You were certainly the key person responsible for the success of the conference. 
As the conference progressed, it got better and better. From my discussions to the other participants, I believe the others felt the same way. The key to me was to meet local Chinese companies although the contacts with the delegates are also very important. 
Thank you again.  
Best Regards

Thierry Bérard (CIO of Groupe Express-Roularta)
Testimonials for the 7th trip

I would like to thank you for your welcome and you organization during our trip in China.
It was very professional and full of good ideas.
Now back to work in France with lot of souvenirs.
China has a very great potential fo our business.
Thanks again for all
Kind regards

Krishnan Sridhar (CEO of Medinfoworld Inc.)
Testimonials for the 7th trip

Thank you very much for inviting me for the conference.
I look forward to doing business with Chinese partners in the near future.

Roger Hart (Executive Officer of IP3)
Testimonials for the 7th trip

Thanks to you and your colleagues for a wonderful and productive trip.
We will keep you informed of developments if you wish and hope to see you again in China in the near future.

Kevin Parikh (Global CEO & Senior Partner of Avasant, LLC.)
Testimonials for the 7th trip

Thank you very much for your help in putting together the Summit.
The trip was great and we surely look forward to joining you again next time to China.

Pierre Delort (CIO of INSERM)
Testimonials for the 7th trip

Back in France, thank you for the adventure and everything.
Best souvenirs from Paris Chinatown (the 13nd district).

Kannan Srinivasan, PMP (President & Chief Project Officer of Global KTech Inc.)
Testimonials for the 6th trip

I wanted to thank you for inviting me to China. I truly enjoyed my visit and it was an eye-opener for me about Chinese firms.  I was truly amazed about the infrastructure and wonderful hospitality by your team.
All your team members including Salida and Sherry was very helpful and wonderful host.   
I have started communicating with Chinese firms about potential partnership.  I will keep you in loop.  Please feel free to contact or email me if you come across Chinese Technology firms that would be interested in partnering with US based outsourcing and Globalization firm.
thanks and regards

Hisham Hussein (Chief Representative of Union National Bank Shanghai–China)
Testimonials for the 6th trip

It was a great pleasure to be around and to make this event successful as usual.
Thanks again for your invitation dear and looking forward seeing you soon.
Thanks and best regards.

Egidio Zarrella (Global Partner in Charge, IT Advisory of KPMG)
Testimonials for the 6th trip

It was my pleasure. It was a very well organised event.
Look forward to saying hello again.
Kind regards

John Liu (CEO & President of HAN Capital)
Testimonials for the 6th trip

Thanks so much for everything from you and Great-Idea. It was a great and happy tour focusing on the financial outsourcing with the successful summits in both Kunshan and Shanghai. Both summits are great and extremely successful. I learnt a lot from this tour. I will keep in touch in the local government in the near future.

Again, thanks so much for everything and helps from you and your company.
Kindly regards

François Degueldre (Board Member of European Outsourcing Association France)
Testimonials for the 6th trip

Thanks to you I had a great time and a chance to discover your wonderful country.
In fact, this event was a success thanks to the Great-Idea team. This team managed the tour in a very professional way and we enjoyed the trips, conferences and hospitality events without losing time because everything was perfectly organized.
For future events, I would recommend the visit of some Chinese outsourcers companies in order to visualize their centers and discuss with their people and customers.
It would be also very interesting to have a booklet in English with all the names and addresses of the outsourcing companies in China including a description of their business offer, or a list prepared by each main City if a national list is not available. We would need separate lists for ITO and for Financial BPO.
I saw during one of the conferences, a book including a study in Chinese about the outsourcing industry; it would be nice to have it translated in English.
We benefited from the various conferences organized by different cities like Kunshan, Hangzhou and Shanghai during the same week. In the future, it would be wonderful to have more cities organizing conferences or visits one after the other in order to have a longer tour covering the key sites for outsourcing opportunities.
In my mind, the kind of tour you organized was perfect and a great eye opener for most visitors and an opportunity to develop business contacts. It would be also interesting to organize a comprehensive tour for advisors, consultants and analysts devoted to a full study of the Chinese outsourcing industry and potential. Those people would then be in a better position to promote China and advise their foreign or local customers about the best suitable outsourcer.
For the rest, please continue as you are currently doing because it is excellent.
Best regards

Rafael Molano (Partner of Woodside Capital Partners)
Testimonials for the 6th trip

Thank you very much for your kind words. I want to thank you and Zhuge for all the hard work you and your colleagues put in to the organization of this event. It was very impressive. I hope I was able to contribute and be of value to your conference and I look forward to seeing you again.
I remember with much warmth the great tour of the three cities, the wonderful people we met and the Great Idea outstanding professionalism. I am very glad that everything turned out to be very successful. 
From my point of view, I met wonderful people. Business opportunities may develop over time. One of the things that I would suggest is that the group of 40 could have spend more time talking and networking with the Chinese attendants. It was interesting to listen to many speeches because I learned a lot, but I wished I had spent more time talking to the many Chinese people who attended the events.
My best regards and wishes to Zhuge, the other Great Idea people and you.

Shevy Magen (Partner & VP of Avasant)
Testimonials for the 6th trip

I will be working on a press release shortly to capture many of the great aspects of the delegation to China hosted by Great-Idea.
Please stay tuned for more information to follow from me shortly.
Also, thanks again for coordinating a spectacular event.
Your entire team were all very professional and talented.
I have had great contacts since your event with several of the delegation members.
You have a very good network!
Best regards

Thomas Galea (Chaiman of Megabyte Ltd.)
Testimonials for the 6th trip

Thank you for contacting me. I am the one who thanks you for your invitation.  I found it more interesting than I initially expected.
You mention suggestions and comments from our part, and I think I will take the liberty to give you some.  Firstly I wish to say that overall it was well organised, and the quality of accommodation was very good, as was the food (if excessive!!)  I think the quality of the conference in Kunshan was very good, some inevitable excessive formal speeches, but without them these functions cannot be held.  The opinions expressed by most speakers were good and useful, and mostly to the point.  The banquet was lavish and most enjoyable, and I found that a true connection was made amongst the people there, and with the local officials.
The visit to Hangzhou was very good too, and I especially liked the visit to the park, which was very well organised and to the point. Many of the points raised were valid and well  addressed.  I did not see much outcome from the Opening ceremony, but I suppose it was useful to meet new people.
I enjoyed the food at the River Star hotel in Shanghai.
I am very happy that I attended, and again thank you for your invitation, and look forward to another time.  On the other hand if you need any assistance from my part I will do my best to give it. Also if ever you wish to visit my country (and I sincerely suggest it) then let me help you with visa and other arrangements.
My very best wishes and thanks.

Safir Adeni (President & CEO of EKNOVATE Software Services)
Testimonials for the 6th trip

Thanks for all your efforts and a fantastic job you did in organizing the events and hosting us.
I look forward to keeping in touch.
Let me know if I can help in anyway.

Jakob Nilsson (Partner - Director of Business Development, NeoConsult A/S)
Testimonials for the 4th trip

It was really a very exciting trip in China.
I would like to thank you for the excellent conference.
We are all very impressed with the hard work you and Great Idea did to make this the best conference we have ever attended.   

I hope we will meet again soon - either in Denmark or China.
Brett Kyle Bayliss (Business Management Consultant, Maryland Small Business Development Center)
Testimonials for the 4th trip

Thank you again for your hospitality. 
You both are wonderful host and I very much enjoyed the whole trip.
Geofrey Leigh Master (Partner of Mayer Brown LLP & Mayer Brown International LLP)
Testimonials for the 4th trip

Thank you for all your hard work last week. 
The entire week went very well -- due to the hard work of the entire Great Idea team. 
Really do appreciate it.
David Robert Giebink (President&CEO of Global 50 Discoveries)
Testimonials for the 4th trip

Thank you very much for an excellent trip.
I found the delegation and each of the conferences to be both interesting and valuable.
And, of course, Great Idea and each of you did an outstanding job in keeping us all together and highly motivated.
A herculean effort that I know we all greatly appreciated!
George Pan (President&CEO of Quantitative Technology Corporation Inc.)
Testimonials for the 4th trip

It is our pleasure to see you and your associates in China again.
Thank you for your wonderful receptions and productive meetings.
Let's keep in tuoch !
Philip H. de Leon (International Business Development Consultant/Philip H. de Leon Consultant)
Testimonials for the 4th trip

I wanted to heartily thank you for the extraordinary trip you organized.
The trip for me was most insightful to fully understand the potential of working with China. I was very impressed by the events we attended, the people we met, the cities and technology parks we visited, and the hard work you have put in successfully organizing a useful trip for all of us.
I already started following up with one of my clients that was interested in working with Chinese companies.
Please all stay in touch and if I can be of assistance to you or your company, fell free to contact me. Also let me know of future similar trips you will organize as I know of a few companies that may be interested in joining.
Warm regards from Washington, DC.
Jan Yang (President of Loci Software, Inc.)
Testimonials for the 4th trip

It is a short but very memorable trip for us, a fruitful one as well!
Thank you so much for the help & smile! 
You guys are the best! ;-)
Matthew P. Shocklee (Partner & President & CEO of GSOS,Partner of IAOP)

Testimonials for the 4th trip

Thank you so much for your hospitality. 
The trip was very insightful and valuable.

Lucas Lim (Secretary General of ASOCIO)
Testimonials for the 4th trip

It was a brief but a very wonderful event,
especially having able to meet you and your team.
Henrik Bertram Andersen (Partner of BBLsolutions ApS)

Testimonials for the 4th trip

Thanks to you. It was a great and very well arranged trip

Looking forward to seeing you again.

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