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The Words from the Participants Who Attended the GI Conference

Eva Sallay (Leader of Banking Sales of AEGON Hungary General Insurance Corp.)
Testimonials for the 9th trip

It was my great pleasure to be in China in such beautiful cities with
Great Idea.
I have enjoyed the conferences, visits Industrial Parks and met new freinds.
Best regards

Tim Lindquist (CEO of Portus)
Testimonials for the 9th trip

Thanks for the very professional delegate tour that just finished. It has been rewarding for us.
I'm interested in joining the next tour.
Actually, Portus is a Green company, (we do smart grid and energy management/energy efficiency)
We are also looking at setting up R&D and manufacturing in China so have been started talking to the Wuhan & Suzhou Tech Parks.

John Pickup (Chairman of Avington Systems Ltd.)
Testimonials for the 9th trip

I hope your had a good time - you deserved a good rest after all your great efforts.
The tour went very well, thanks to all the effort you put into organising it. You are amazing – on the tour you were always there when someone need help, keeping us all under control and to schedule! I know a lot of work goes on into making sure everything goes smoothly.
All the very best to you.

Pumela Salela (Consultant of THE WORLD BANK)
Testimonials for the 9th trip

Everybody in the United States knows you!
Well I just want to say a very big thank you to you for allowing me to come to China and to speak on Outsourcing.
The visit opened my eyes and I will have great things to say about China now.
Best Regards

Randy Reade (President of Global Tech Exchange, LLC)
Testimonials for the 9th trip

Congratulations on another job well done! The tour went very well,
and I must say that each time Great Idea does these tours, the quality
of the delegates, the conferences, and the attendees continues to
grow. I know that this is all very hard work, especially with such a
large delegation as this last one, so I would like to extend my thanks
to your entire team.

Laszlo Horvath (President of ActiveMedia)
Testimonials for the 9th trip

Thanks so much for the terrific event: I will report if I get some business out of it. So far it is looking good!
Had a chance to briefly talk to Paul about the seminar: I have no doubt that it would be popular and successful for 10-20 or so participants that want to sell their products and services in the US and the global marketplace.
Also would you please send me the info about the July event? I am trying to somehow create a combination of activities so it makes business sense for me.
Warmest regards

Paul Schlosberg (Chairman & CEO of INCA Group)
Testimonials for the 9th trip

Back home and beginning to get acclimated to the time change. Miss seeing you.
Great job on arranging the various components of the week.

Konstantin Othmer (CEO of
Testimonials for the 9th trip

Thank you so much for the tremendous hospitality and agenda in China! I learned so much and was really impressed with the forward thinking government policies. Certainly very different from the China I had imagined based on what I heard growing up.
I think you guys did a fantastic job with a good mix of work and play, particularly going to see Venice! 
I can only imagine how tough it must be to coordinate such a large group, and you guys did a fantastic job making me feel like I’m the only one you had to worry about. Thanks again!
I hope to make another trip to China sometime and would certainly welcome an opportunity to participate in an event you guys schedule.

Chip Truwit, MD (Professor and Chair, Department of Radiology Hennepin County Medical Center)
Testimonials for the 9th trip

Thanks to all of you for putting together such a wonderful trip. I know
everyone felt it started a bit slowly, but it sure got going and we all
had a wonderful time. I know I did. Funny, though, the most interesting
roundtable I heard was the one at Wuhan on Thursday when I returned from
the hospital. I thought that was very well done. Unfortunately, I had to
get going to the airport with Ramie and I both missed the end and missed
the chance to say thank you and goodbye to everyone.
So, better late than never: thanks to all three of you (I don't have
Cherry's e-mail). I enjoyed meeting you all and hope to keep in touch
with you.
My lectures at the Wuhan Military Hospital went very well (so they told
me). Thanks very much for arranging that. I enjoyed it a lot and am
likely to be reinvited as Visiting Professor in a few years.
Tuff sent me a text message that my pillow had surfaced...hooray. If it
is on its way back, thanks very much. I know it was a bit of a pain and
I really appreciate it.
Again, thanks for everything. I hope the trip was a success for you all
as it was for me and the other members of Seraph.

John Coghlan (the former President & CEO of Visa USA)
Testimonials for the 9th trip

Thank you so much for your excellent work in arranging such a successful trip.It is very difficult to organize a group of that size and to move them so expertly around through business meetings and recreational outings. Your planning was superb, the meetings were meaningful, and I greatly enjoyed myself throughout.
I really appreciate the fact that this all came about from months of careful planning, and that you were also on the job 24 hours a day during the two weeks of our trip.
Well done!You should be very proud.
With great appreciation

Harsha Samarawickrama (CEO of Accura-Tech LTD)
Testimonials for the 9th trip

Thank you very much for your hard work and real hospitality when I was in China. I am so impressed with what your country can offer . I am definitely looking forward to start some collaboration with China. Please keep me informed your events. Next time I will attend with my business partner in Spain and hope to deliver very interesting speeches ..
You are great .
Take care

Francois Degueldre (Board Member of European Outsourcing Association France)
Testimonials for the 9th trip

Thank you very much for inviting me to this tour. It was extremely interesting and the conferences where of high quality.
Congratulations for the perfect organization of this event. We all realized your efforts and commitment to make it successful and perfect in the details.
Best Regards

Martin Bloom (CEO of EMBLEM Ventures)
Testimonials for the 9th trip

Very much enjoyed the past week. Thanks for all your support, and that of all your team.
Hope to come on a future event. Let me know when you arrange them.

Renée Pinczes (CFO of Delaney Consulting LLC)
Testimonials for the 8th trip

I cannot believe it has taken me one month to sit down and write a letter of thanks to all of you for all of your hospitality and guidance on the recent Great-Idea venture. The time has flown by – I have been traveling ever since I left Ningbo.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I had such a wonderful time and felt that the trip was incredibly productive for me personally and professionally. I am looking forward to my next trip back. The experience of meeting as many interesting and talented people as we did is a once in a lifetime experience. What a wonderful group of people you pulled together. I commend you for all of your efforts – I know what a challenge this must have been.
Thank you again for all of your gracious hospitality. I really enjoyed meeting you and look forward to seeing you again in the new year.
Best regards

Natalie Reyes (Investment Officer of Invest in Bogota)
Testimonials for the 8th trip

It was a great pleasure to meet you during the International Financial Services and IT Outsourcing Cooperation in China. I sincerely thank you the invitation and everything that you do for us. It was an amazing opportunity to understand the outsourcing industry in China and the potential that each city has to offer to international companies. The event was very successful and I hope that we can work together in future projects between China and Colombia.
Hope to keep in touch with you.
Best regards and once again thank you.

John Pickup (Founder and Chairman of Avington Systems Ltd.)
Testimonials for the 8th trip

This is just a personal note to thank you for your special contribution to the success of the recent Study Tour. I know that it is usually left to you to handle the issues that always crop up – but you always handle things with aplomb. You looked after us all superbly.
With all good wishes and much appreciation

Jing Jan (Director – Global Electronic Trading of Bank of America)
Testimonials for the 8th trip

Hope all's well with you. It was great to meet you and other friends in the trip. Thanks so much for all your help. I had a wonderful time and a lot of fun. Please keep in touch and let me know of any interesting events in the future.
Best regards

Randy Reade (President of Global Tech Exchange, LLC)
Testimonials for the 8th trip

Thank you again for a wonderful tour! They just keep getting better
and better! I'm sorry we didn't get to do a better farewell at the
airport, so I'll just have to say goodbye the next time I'm in China!
Thanks again! And thanks to everyone else at Great Idea!

Dr. Catherine Boivie (CEO Inventure Solutions Inc | A Vancity Company; Senior VP of Information Technology and Facilities of Vancity Credit Union)
Testimonials for the 8th trip

Thank you for all your help throughout our trip in China. Your great organizing skill and friendly manner assisted a great deal in the success of the trip.
Thank you again

Shawn Zanganeh (CIO & COO of Western Industrial Manufacturing)
Testimonials for the 8th trip

It was great to have finally met you and spend some quality time with you.
Thanks for all your hard work and baby sitting us.
I really enjoyed getting to know you.

Stephen Ibaraki (Chairman of The Vine Group)
Testimonials for the 8th trip

I very much enjoyed the entire tour and I am thankful for all of your hard work.
It was great to meet you for the first time!
Please take care.
Best wishes

Thane Liffick (Managing Director of SLALOM CONSULTING)
Testimonials for the 8th trip

Thanks again for a wonderful trip. I met some great contacts and have a better understanding of China’s outsourcing capabilities.

Alexander Colley (Senior Vice President of KBRO)
Testimonials for the 7th trip

We will get you the feedback form soon.
I think you and your team did a wonderful job!

Kannan Srinivasan (President of Global KTech Inc.)
Testimonials for the 7th trip

Thanks for inviting me and your wonderful hospitality. I enjoyed meeting you and rest of the Great-Idea team.
Please convey my thanks to all the members.

Renato Quizon (Executive Director of Pointwest Technologies Corporation)
Testimonials for the 7th trip

Thanks again for the invitation to join the China CIO outsourcing conference last June. 
It was my second time to join – but it only gets better each time.
I am still wowed by the developments in China – and this time – with the focus on Green IT and the invitation of the European CIOs, I am impressed with what was presented in all of the seminars you had arranged for us.
The developments in China in Green IT and in the internet of things is something China can continue to broadcast as a message. 

Laszlo Horvath (President of ActiveMedia)
Testimonials for the 7th trip

Thanks so much again for the opportunity to participate at the Outsourcing- and Green IT events organized so well.

Ramesh Edayillam (Founder & Creative Director of Niyati Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)
Testimonials for the 7th trip

I am writing to you to thank for the excellent tour we had recently. You and the entire team did a great job in making sure everything went off perfectly.
I believe your organization succeeded in bringing up a very positive and prospective picture of China to the outside world. I am sure this will translate to better business relations in the future.

Mervyn Levin (Founding Director of Levering Limited)
Testimonials for the 7th trip

Now back in the UK after two weeks in China.
Thank you again to all at Great Idea for hosting a most useful and stimulating series of events.
I really enjoyed it and am now in the process of following up useful leads.
Best Regards

John Pickup (Founder of Avington Systems Limited)
Testimonials for the 7th trip

I want to thank you enormously for getting me on the recent study tour.  I know you worked very hard on it – thank you.  I meant to thank you at the Expo – but we suddenly were parted without me being able to say thank you properly.  As usual you handled everything so competently and calmly – which I know is no easy task.
I found the whole tour very impressive and educational and I found it particularly helpful seeing how fast things are moving in China, and I expect to get an article published drawing on the study tour experience.
There is so much bad press about China that it so important that delegates take away a very positive impression of China service outsourcing and the focus on Green technology – which I am sure they will. I will certainly be doing my best to promote the good news from China.
I really enjoyed the day at the Expo – thank you for including it on the tour.  I spent several hours in the China Pavilion and the China provinces pavilion.  The displays were enthralling and the whole effect was to show how fast China is moving and the focus on Green technologies – where China is leading the world.
So thank you again for everything, and I will be enthusiastically promoting China as an outsourcing destination.
Regards and all the best

Loic Jegou (Deputy CIO of Verlingue)
Testimonials for the 7th trip

I hope everything is ok for you since the end of the summit and especially that you slept enough and recovered from your cold !
Thank you for everything, it was very interesting and very well organized.

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