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The Words from the Participants Who Attended the GI Conference

Peter Tensen (Director of Accura-Tech)
Testimonials for the 13th Great-Idea Trip

It was great seeing you and the Great Ideas team again in Wuhan last week. It was an fantastic trip! Thank you very much.
All the best

Martin Venzky-Stalling (Senior Advisor of Technology Development Center for Industry, Northern Science Park)
Testimonials for the 13th Great-Idea Trip

Thank you for making all these arrangements for me. It enabled me to meet with a Partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers whom I had not met for 6 years.
I also wish to thank you and all your colleagues at Great Idea for putting together this excellent programme and looking after us so well.
It was a rich and rewarding experience and I learned a lot new things about China and the cities we visited.
With kind regards

Tim Lindquist (CEO of Portus)
Testimonials for the 12th trip

I'm back in Sydney after staying on for a week in Beijing.
I had a wonderful time with you all, it was a pleasure to get to know you and I count you all as friends.
Please drop me a line if ever in Sydney or if you need some help in our area.
And once again, well done to Paul, Salida, Wenting, and all the Great Idea team. These tours are the best China networking and promotion event that I know of, and I look forward to participating again in the future!

Dee Mallas (President/CEO of Nevada Regional Economic Development Center (NREDC))
Testimonials for the 12th trip

It was a great experience with China delegation trip last week. I enjoyed meeting with everyone. I want to take this opportunity to thank the Great-Idea team for all their hospitality and hard work of putting together a very successful event. Hope to stay in touch and see all of you again.
Best Regards

Ryan Shangguan (VP of Netmedai Co. Ltd.)
Testimonials for the 12th trip

Thank you and all your colleagues from Great-Idea organized so successful event! It is very nice meeting so many excellent people and have a trip together. Hope you can make greater success in the future.

Shirley Yen (Director of Operations of Standard Fiber LLC)
Testimonials for the 12th trip

Let me add my thanks to everyone at Great-Idea for your hard work and success in planning this trip for all of us. I really enjoy meeting so many new people and hope to stay in touch with all of them. Looking forward to future events!

Hans Wijsma (General Manager of Lumesse)
Testimonials for the 12th trip

I would like to thank you again for inviting me to last week’s trip. It was a bit last minute but was happy I could squeeze it in.
Hope you had a good time with the group in Beijing (I trust you had!) and thanks for the good time we had as well!
Hope I can join the Suzhou trip as well next year.

Jakob Nilsson (VP, Sales & Marketing of NeoConsult)
Testimonials for the 12th trip

First of all a huge thank you to the Great Idea team for an excellent trip. You always amaze me with your hospitality and professionalism, it is a pleasure and an honor to participate in your events.
Likewise a warm thank you to all of the participants - I really feel I have found a bunch of new friends, hope to see you all again.
Best regards

Walter van Engelen (Vice President of Talent & Pro LTD)
Testimonials for the 12th trip

Our delegation trip last week in China was a great experience! China really fascinates and the business opportunities are very impressive. I want to thank the Great-Idea organization, Governments and Companies that we have met for their enormous and successful contribution. Last but not least: also thanks to all members of the delegation for the good time we had and the friendships we have built!!
Kindest Regards

Julie Hereford (Advisor of Nevada Regional Economic Development Center)
Testimonials for the 12th trip

Thanks for your wonderful message, it was an amazing trip and conference for everyone who participated! Dee, Kevin, Richard & I want to thank you, Paul, Bi and Michael for all the hospitality and the great time we have had!
Looking forward to help and coordinate the attendees from U.S. for the next Great-Idea's conference.
All the best

Wes Takahashi (COO & Executive Producer of Lancet Films)
Testimonials for the 12th trip

A huge "thank you" to you Salida, Paul, Wenting and Michael and all the other Great Ideas people who were responsible for coordinating yet another successful event. The people and businesses that I came into contact with as a result of this event have helped expand my network considerably. What's more, I can now consider most of them friends as well.
It was pleasure meeting everyone.
All the best

Kevin Dauphinee (Managing Director of Cathay Consultants Ltd.)
Testimonials for the 12th trip

Thank you for your remarkable support, from the travel planning to the coordination of events and transportation. Also, the members of the delegation were most interesting and high-minded. The entire week exceeded my wildest expectations.
Kind regards

Robert Politzer (President CEO of GREENSTREET INC.)
Testimonials for the 12th trip

I want to thank you all again for an extraordinary trip.
It was such thrill for me to be back in China after 28 years.
I am so proud for the Chinese people to see the huge progress that has been made.
I was very excited to learn about some of the green products that are being produced near Handan
and I will be seriously looking into working with the local government and those companies to market those products
outside of China.

Robert Niko (Professor Economics of Missouri State University)
Testimonials for the 12th trip

I cannot really express my thankfulness to you for being our hostess on this trip. You must be now sleeping for three days just to keep up with all the details, all the deadlines and frantic travelers, who are weary, fussy, and often not too great to get along with. You handle all of these things with such make it all look so easy and yet I know, it is not easy. You deal in two languages, you always manage to look beautiful each day, and you also seem to take a real interest in our well being and safety.
I also loved being with you on Halloween and the trip to Show, even though some of us got too impatient to get in with the long line and all. I hope you will forgive me for not staying for that Ladies Night......I am sorry that I did go with the other guys, as I really enjoy the company of you and Wenting.
Thanks again for your wonderful spirit and your tireless help in enjoying this conference. I am very grateful!
Your friend

Michael Daniec (President/CEO of Critical Data Solutions LLC)
Testimonials for the 12th trip

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to explore doing business with China and learn from so many government officials and business leaders.
This has been a very rewarding learning experience and I will certainly carry the message back to the US regarding the opportunities in China.
I am particularly thankful for all of your hard work and the enormous amount of effort and good cheer you and the rest of the staff put in on this occasion.
My impression was the conference was very well run and you made us very comfortable throughout a very tight schedule.
Let me know if you have any future conferences scheduled, particularly for the Chengdu and other areas.
Again thanks and look forward to staying in touch.

Marcio Andreeta (ADS / AMS Manager, Ci&T- ASPAC Region)
Testimonials for the 12th trip

Congratulations in organizing a great event.
I would like to thank you for the invitation to this event. I really enjoyed participating. Hope to meet you again in next events!

Ayenyo Klassou (Commodity Purchasing Manager of Volvo China)
Testimonials for the 12th trip

Thank you for offering the opportunity to join this delegation in Hangzhou.
Once again, Xieixie

Huang Junhua (Director of Operation/Enterprise IT of KPIT (Shanghai) Software Technology Co., Ltd.)
Testimonials for the 12th trip

Nice meeting you in Hangzhou, and thanks to your great contribution till now.
Thanks & Best Regards

Eric Manlunas (Managing Partner of Siemer Ventures, LLC.)
Testimonials for the 11th trip

It was a pleasure to meet everyone - I had a wonderful experience!

Pauline Wang (Director – Sales of BOCI Securities Ltd.)
Testimonials for the 11th trip

I would like to say special thanks to Great-Idea to bring us good memory of the journey, that is really a "great idea" to explore new places, to discover new things and to meet new people from this trip, you are all wonderful. And hope to meet you again in China......^--^

Steven Wang (Managing director of eMD4World)
Testimonials for the 10th trip

I would like to thank your hospitality and the opportunity to visit so many wonderful Hi-Tech parks and meet their officials face-to-face. I am looking forward to having the opportunities to be face-to-face with talented people or organizations who are wanting to start or just start hi-tech operations. To help entrepreneurs to full fill their dreams---to develop successful businesses--is the primary goal of an business angel group like ours.

Safir Adeni (Chief Executive Officer of EKNOVATE SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD.)
Testimonials for the 10th trip

Thanks for all your efforts in making the trip a successful one. We appreciate your hospitality. Keep us posted on future events.
Talk to you soon.
Best Regards

Testimonials for the 10th trip

Thank you so much for all your hard work in arranging and organizing this event. It is a job well done!
I enjoyed this visit very much and will look forward to the next trip.

Samra Adeni (International Relations Manager of EKNOVATE SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD.)
Testimonials for the 10th trip

Thank you so much for inviting me for this conference. I really have learned a lot, not just about the amazing culture and country of China, but about the cities we visited, as well as sharing knowledge and experiences with you and the other delegates.
I look forward to staying in touch! Email me anytime.

Hal Morris (CEO of Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Australia)
Testimonials for the 10th trip

Thank you again for hosting such a valuable and enjoyable trip. It was a tremendous eye opener for me and has laid the basis for my organisation working with Great Idea to forge productive business links.
Kind regards

John S Pickup (Chairman of Avington Systems Ltd.)
Testimonials for the 10th trip

Thank you so much for your insightful review of the trip. It was a very interesting event, seeing some of the glories and challenges of modern China.
Thank you too for all your efforts to make it go so smoothly.
I know you had more than usual organising work to do to cope with the changes that you had to do. But you did a wonderful job, shepherding us around so efficiently and calmingly.
All good wishes

Joseph Tillman (Senior Researcher & Consultant of Supply Chain Visions® Ltd.)
Testimonials for the 10th trip

Thanks again for the opportunity. I had a wonderful time and I am already counting the days to the next time I can visit China. If you need a speaker in October, please let me know.

Testimonials for the 10th trip

Once again I want to thank you and the Great-Idea Team for this wonderful trip. I enjoyed very much. New people to meet, new experiences.
All organization was great.
I hope to come-back soon to share others experiences.
My best regards

Husin Ahmad (Vice President of ACS -A XEROX Co.)
Testimonials for the 10th trip

Thank you thank you thank you for all the great work and support to me! Yes! Missed all the fun. But most importantly, I have learned a lot during previous and recent visit. I do hope I have added value to the local business and management committee in my interaction with them. The time spend could be limited. In case there are anyone who like to discuss further, please contact me and I am more than happy to assist as much as I can.
You and team are a great host and organizer. Keep in touch and networking. My best regard to you, Paul and the rest of the crew.
Thanks and best regards

Dr. Jozsef Devenyi (Professor of The University of Tennessee)
Testimonials for the 10th trip

It was a pleasure to have met you at the conference.
You did an excellent job of organizing and running the meeting.
Thank you so much for your kind hospitality and I hope we will have a chance to enjoy another successful meeting together in the near future.
Best wishes

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