| 2006 China International Software & Information Service Outsourcing Summit

International Co-organizer:  
Ministry of Commerce of PRC
Dalian Municipal People’s Government
Gartner  <International Business Daily>
International Outsourcing Center
Dalian Bureau of Information Industry; Dalian Software Park
Great Idea Business Resources Co., Ltd.



Special Event: 
China Services
“Second China Software & Information Service Outsourcing Contribution Award” Ceremony
June 22nd-23rd, 2006, during China Int’l Software & Information Service Fair (CISIS)
International Finance Conference Center Dalian China

Why participate in

Old outsourcing model will be revised and replaced. Most outsourcing cases are for achieving business results or cost savings. To pursue better profitability, companies and governments are seeking better outsourcing model. At the same time, service providers are also improving their operational mode.

Communication --Multinational Corporation and Chinese Service Provider

n         Collecting dynamic information of global software and IT service outsourcing, seizing the pulse of industry development, and take rein of the international outsourcing standards and consuetude.

n         Government officers and experts will explain the latest industry policies and research results. Corporation should grasp the important historical opportunity of consolidation and innovation.

  Front viewpoint and intelligent speech predict international cooperation and development prospect. Obtaining authoritative global business forecast, and industry development trends, professional counsel, effective guidance in principles and practical business theories, and proven implementation for business operation.

n         Face-to face meet international renown IT leaders, and sharing project information and success management experiences of outstanding domestic and oversea software and IT services outsourcing companies.

n         Keynote session and CEO dialogue, and exhibition and communication lead to project aligning and best international cooperation. This demand and supply platform provide professional solutions to satisfy distinct needs for corporation development.

n        Officers, experts and industrial leaders join together, easy to establish connections for your business.

n         Learn how to establish outsourcing goals and strategies, evaluate and select proper service providers, effectively mitigate risks in outsourcing, coordinate relations with external business partners, explore correct approaches to outsourcing, and realize economic benefits for your company.


Who should join

Outsourcing service buyer; Leader of domestic financial institutes, Outsourcing Service provider; Soft research & design sectors, Soft manufacturer, Associations and organizations, Soft parks, Technological consultant, Network and info tech, multi-media and intellectual system developer, Soft college and institutes, and decisive government sectors, etc

n  General manager, CEO and COO;


n  Corporate strategic researcher, marketing and PR directors;

n  Soft project executive and Soft designer

n  Outsourcing experts and professionals

n  Related government representatives.


History of Summit:

2004 CSIO was successfully held in July,2004, Dalian City, 360 people participated, 30 Speakers

2005 CSIO was successfully held in June 2005, Dalian City, 400 people participated, 35 speakers


Summaries from part of Speakers:

“The multi-national companies’ outsourcing tide wave has expanded from manufacturing outsourcing to software and IT services outsourcing, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is an important component and content of software and IT services outsourcing, and is also the new cycle of opportunities in international industry transition”
——Mr. Wei Jian Guo, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Commerce.  

“The contemporary rapid growth and expansion of the global software and IT services outsourcing industry is a major driving force for global economy, entering the international stage through outsourcing service is our common answer to this historical mission."
——Mr. Xia DeRen, Deputy Premier of LiaoNing province, mayor of Dalian

“Adopting Experience of America & European Outsourcing, Following the Outsourcing Path of Asia China”
——Mr. William Poon General Manager HP Managed Services China/HK

“Strategic Outsourcing and BPO AP Market and Trends”
——Mr. Russell Gilger IBM Global Service Business Line Executive for E-business Hosting Service across AP

“Looking Forward to IT Outsourcing Offshore”
——Mr. Fukui Kazuo Vice President Fujitsu Research Institute 

“Offshore and Outsourced in China”
——Mr. Stephen Pelletier Vice President Sun Microsystems Global Engineering 

“What Chinese companies need to do compete internationally—lesson from the India industry”
——Mr. Phaneesh Murthy Global CEO India iGate

“Overview of Global Outsourcing”
——Mr. Bob Hayward Gartner APJ VP and Research Fellow

“IT Outsourcing –The Challenge and the Opportunities in China”
——Mr. Liu JiRen CEO NeoSoft


Comments from previous attendees:

“This conference helps us to organize our thoughts, to visualize farther, enhance our confidence to face future competitions”
——Mr. Walter Fang VP & CTO of Neusoft Group


“The forum is well organized, it is a international level conference. Thanks!”
——Mr. Joseph Hsu, CEO of Symbio (US) Soft group

Proportion of Attendees:

n  31.20% --General manager, CEO and COO;

n  25.00% --CTO; CIO; CFO

n  23.80%--Corporate strategic researcher, marketing and PR directors;

n  11.50%--Outsourcing experts and professionals

n  8.50% ---Project Manager           


q Registration
q Opening Ceremony Of CISIS
q Visiting DLSP, Cocktail party
q Keynote Session
q China Top 50 Software Outsourcing Export Enterprises List
q Outsourcing Award Ceremony
q Lunch Buffet 
q Exhibition & Business Communication
q Speech and Dialogue
q Closing Dinner 
June 22—June 23 8:30 AM
June 22—9:00 AM

June 22  15:00—19:00 PM

June 23  8: 1511:00 AM

June 23  11: 0011:15 AM

June 23  11:1512:15 AM

June 23  12:1513:00 PM

June 23  13:0014:00 PM

June 23  14: 00—18: 00 PM

June 23  18: 3020: 30 PM

Main Topic

Keynote Speech—20 VIPs Express Key Issues

n  The overall economic situation and comparative advantage of strengthen outsourcing in china ----Experience and essentials from governments and experts.

n  BPO----Current Trends and Future Outlook ----Experience and essentials from professional consultant and business leaders.

n  Ministry of Commerce of PRC established service trade dept. to develop contemporary service outsourcing.

n  Offshore service: 2006 and Beyond: Choices, Challenges and Change ----Ian Marriott, VP Research Director, Gartner

n  Finance & Accounting BPO: If and When to Outsource in a Post-SOX World----Cathy Tornbohm, Principal Analyst Research, Gartner

n  Multi-Sourcing Offshore Case Study----Dane S. Anderson, Research Director, Gartner


How to Register?

1.    Conference Participation1 free pass

2800 RMB; or 3800 RMB(conference publication 1 full page colored advertisement Included)

q Participate the whole event

q Visit exhibition, project information and negotiation

q List company name on conference publication

q Obtain all conference’s materials and information

Enjoy dinner party, Lunch buffet and tea break

2.    Exhibition package12800 RMB

q One 3m*3m standard booth in CISIS (China International Software and information Service Fair) Outsourcing Exhibition Area
(8000 RMB for this booth only, 2 free passes included)

q One negotiation booth in primary conference hall (decoration is included)

(6800 RMB for this booth only, 2 free passes included)

q 3 free passes

All contents of Conference Participation (1) included

3.    Sponsorship150000 RMB

q Join in CCTV broadcast hall Dialogue, interviewed by CCTV host

q 20POP Ad in primary conference hall

q 30 minutes keynote speech as VIP speaker

q Obtain sponsorship plate on Outsourcing Award Ceremony

q Introduced by conference publication column, 1 full page advertising on particular page of publication

q Website logo's link

q On-site promotion of marketing materials

q 4 free passes

q To be covered in press release and near 100 major media, including television, website and newspaper

q All contents of Conference Participation (1) and Exhibition (2) included

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q POP Advertisement on primary conference hall1500RMB/

Advertisement on conference publication20000 RMB /particular page

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