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Great-Idea Business Resources Company Limited has been founded in 2002, is China's most professional of the local community to promote international outsourcing and consultancy services company. GI closely links global outsourcing of professional agencies; international convergence of outsourcing professionals, through continuous development and the establishment of long-term accumulated a powerful, full outsourcing classified database of information, resources and experts, network system resources. GI has been adhering to the "Global Resources, and Localization Services" and "Information Create the Value," the service principals, dedicating to the Chinese government departments, service outsourcing base cities and the service outsourcing park, the international multinational companies, and enterprises both at home and abroad to provide the professional service enterprises for promoting international outsourcing, consulting, training and consultancy services. The company's global outsourcing website: , outsourcing journal: , the English website: and Great-Idea Outsourcing Resources Union Network: is to provide our clients with outsourcing of professional services the major carriers. GI is good at organizing all kinds of large-scale international outsourcing summit, business talks, matching projects with investment inspection activities and providing for the government and companies with international outsourcing industry information, management training and consultancy services.

Eight "The First" in China
* Service Ability-Eight "The First" in China.
* Organized, planned and undertaken “Sino-US Outsourcing Business Development Annual Conference” authorized by China National Foreign Trade Promotion Committee and IAOP in October 2003. It was the first international outsourcing forum and business conference in China.
* In December, 2003, organized and promotes the first professional periodical magazine "Global Outsourcing Resources” in China.
* In September, 2004, we are authorized by the Ministry of Commerce Foreign Capital Department in Xiamen to organize, plan and undertake the first “Chinese International Multinational Corporation Service Outsourcing Senior Seminar”.
* In December, 2004, is authorized by the Ministry of Commerce in Beijing to organize “The First Outsourcing Training Course of Ministry of Commerce”, and has compiled Chinese native place first "Service Outsourcing" training materials
* In June, 2005, Dalian, conducted “China International Software and Information Service Outsourcing Annual Conference” on outside, the plan, organized and has undertaken China served a package of for the first time state-level “Outsourcing contribution award” the data investigation and study and statistical, the expert appraisal and the large-scale promulgation ceremony activity.
* In September, 2005, GI and the Ministry of Finance Graduate faculty cooperation promoted the Chinese first session in Wuhan University take the international outsourcing as specialized direction master the graduate student advanced studies class, this also was for the first time outsourcing which conducts high-end training course in China.
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